Grants And Fellowships

I was supported by the SIB and the GATP training fellowships while a graduate student at UCLA. Both were great programs and I encourage you to apply for them!

Here are some resources that you may find useful as you apply.

Important Note: none of the dates or monetary amounts mentioned, nor contact or website information in these documents is necessarily accurate or up-to-date. It was a few years ago, so you can take it as a general guideline, but nothing else.

PDF slides about statements of research intent

Common UCLA training grants

These were the applications that I submitted, looking at them now, I don’t think they are very good, but at the time they were the best I could do. We get better with time and practice! ¬†And more importantly, these did get me into the programs! I applied for the SIB at the end of my first year of graduate school and the GATP at the end of my third year.



Artur Jaroszewicz was willing to share his applications for the GATP. He has much better formatting than I do for his statements; you should follow his example for format. He has provided both his initial statement of research intent, as well as his statement for when he renewed after a year. Looking back on these statements now, a few years past when they were written, he had this to say about them: “The only thing I would really change is make the original statement more concrete, and less flowery in the language. It seems a little bit exaggerative, and a bit colloquial in the language, which is not very scientific. I think in the future, I would focus more on trying to convince the committee to accept me based on evidence of what I’ve accomplished and how it would help me continue my goals, as opposed to how much I would want it.”




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